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We provide services to our clients not only in financial matters, but also help solve many other problems. We provide comprehensive services in many areas


  • assistance in benefits (Universal Credit, Tax Credit, Jobseeker Allowance, Child Benefit, etc.) 

  • help in obtaining EHIC cards European Health Insurance Card 

  • certificate of tax residence 

  • making phone calls to offices 

  • assistance in exchanging a driving license for an English one 

  • assistance in obtaining a 60+ London Oyster card and a Freedom Pass

  • assistance in appeals against penalties

  • applications for retirement

  • creating a personal account - Government Gataway

  • Settled Status 

  • reference

  • financial consulting 

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MORE than an accounting office

We provide comprehensive accounting services and help to make the best decisions in legal and financial matters. Our qualified and experienced staff with various specializations also help comprehensively in other matters of your business.


We offer comprehensive assistance in obtaining the best mortgage. We have access to products from the entire mortgage market. This gives us a great advantage over individual banks, as they will not present you with an offer from the competition. We will advise you the best offer.


  • mortgages

  • Buy-To-Let mortgage

  • personnel consultancy in the field of finance 

  • Investment advise 


Did you have an accident? We'll get you high compensation!

Our team of accident experts has many years of experience. We will help you get the due compensation from the insurance company. We offer high quality services and favourable terms of cooperation, which is reflected in the great satisfaction of our customers. Many of our clients have received compensation for personal injury, which allowed them to pay for long-term health care, recover lost earnings, and cover other costs.

We offer "NO WIN, NO FEE" services. This means you pay nothing if your claim is not approved.


  • the expert will provide free advice and explain the claim process

  • we will provide you with assistance at all meetings with experts

  • we will provide you with the highest possible compensation

  • we will take care of your case from the initial inquiry to its favourable conclusion 

  • we recover compensation in the event of an accident

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